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Microsoft 365 Consulting and Training with a Collaboration Focus

CollabFront’s main focus is to bring organizations an engaging and collaborative employee workplace experience using Microsoft 365 and related tools. We make adoption of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Premium (Syntex), Microsoft Viva – including Viva Connections and Viva Engage, SharePoint, OneDrive, and the Power Platform easier for everyone!

We make your job easier by providing easy access to experts who focus on getting the job done.

About CollabFront

Daniel Glenn started CollabFront to help organizations learn and adopt Microsoft technologies. Daniel works with organizations large and small over his career. As an IT Pro, he has implemented every version of SharePoint throughout his career. Now as a trainer and adoption specialist, he is focused on Microsoft Viva, Microsoft Teams, and the Power Platform as well.

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Value & Quality

When you engage with CollabFront, you will work directly with Microsoft MVP Daniel Glenn. Daniel’s mantra is ‘Get the job done right, quickly’. This quality and speed allows your organization to be utilizing the tools you need faster and the knowledge on how to best use them.

We take great pride in providing exceptional customer service every single day. We’re absolutely here for you.


Daniel first started building SharePoint-based intranets over two decades ago. As the technology has grown, so has Daniel’s expertise. He now trains and mentors organizations on adopting Microsoft 365 and Power Platform tools to meet their business objectives.

Team Power

Working with CollabFront means you have access to other experts as well! CollabFront has partnerships with experts in Power BI, Compliance & Security, Artificial Intelligence, & more! All to make you more successful!

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